Head of Department Message

Dear Students,

Materials Science and Engineering as our young people; We are looking for an education that encourages research and information access. I am happy to experience your career development together on this upcoming 4-year journey, which is the first step in the beginning of a new life. Our aim is to train leading engineers who have engineering formation on universal criteria and who can constantly improve themselves from a professional point of view.

Our undergraduate degree is structured on engineering core courses and elective courses. In addition to the laboratory and project work that is theoretically given by our valuable staff, you have the chance to practice during the internship period which you will get in various industrial establishments in the summer. In addition, students are offered opportunities to participate in national and international projects and participate in exchange programs.

It is my greatest recommendation to you students, that you develop yourselves in different fields constantly, apart from the lessons given in the department, and that your professional life is as well equipped as possible. Because of the wide scope of materials engineering, determining your suitable areas, and carrying out your internship and project work in these fields will benefit you both in finding a job and in your working life. As a division, we want you to know that we are always ready to guide you on these issues. The successes of you students are the greatest pride and happiness of us.

Best regards,
Head of Department of Materials Science and Engineering