The following is the detailed article sent to the departments about the latest legislation on student affairs for taking summer schools from other universities. It is announced to inform our students.

Students who will take classes at another University summer school other than our university are as follows in the case of the items to be applied before going to summer school:

1-) Student, "Summer School Request Form" will be applied by applying to "Internship, Catalog, Adaptation" unit located in the basement of the Student Affairs Department. Form distribution will start on Thursday 22.06.2017 and it is important for our students to be sensitive to the subject in order not to be a victim. In this form, it is seen that the students have taken lessons from other universities in the past years and their ECTS sum. The student will write the name, credit and clock information of the courses that will be taken at the other university this year and process the name, credit and hour information of the corresponding courses in our hands by hand. After doing this, the staff (Research Staff N. Burak Kiremitler) appointed by the chairperson for approval will have to take this form.

2-) The head of the department or the academic staff authorized by him (R. N. Burak Kiremitler) must carry out the following checks before signing the form.

2.1-) Students can take maximum 4 courses in one semester in summer school. (ARÜ Summer School Regulation Article 6-c)

2.2-) Student can choose a maximum of 16 ECTS courses in one semester at the other university. (ARU Summer School Regulation Article 6-f) For this reason, it must be checked that the credits of the credits of Erciyes University that are entered manually in the student's form do not exceed 16 ECTS credits.

2.3-) During the course of their education, most of the other universities can choose 40 ECTS, undergraduate program students 24 ECTS, undergraduate program students 16 ECTS courses. (ERU Summer School Regulation Article 6-f) For this reason, it is necessary to check that the sum of credit of the courses that Erciyes University has entered manually in the student's form does not exceed the above mentioned total values ​​of the courses taken by the students from other university summer schools in the past years.

3-) After the checks are completed, the form is signed and the student must bring the form to the Office of Student Affairs.

NOTE: If the student's stay is opened in the ERÜ Summer School, the student must take this course (if there is any equivalent between the summer courses and other courses). For this reason, other universities can not take courses from summer school. The Department of Student Affairs will not give forms to these students. Since the student's note can be explained later, even if the student has already taken lessons while the other student is in the summer school, adjustment will be prevented by the system if the student is detected in this way.

Announcement to students: